Meet our Team

Anine Van Der Westhuizen


The practice is privately owned by Anine van der Westhuizen and was established in 2001 in George.She studied BSc Human Movement Science at Stellenbosch, finished BSc Honours in Biokinetics at the University of North West (Potchefstroom) and finished her internship at Sport Science Institute of South Africa, Newlands, Cape Town.Since 2001 she has gained experience in numerous fields of the Biokinetic profession with special interest in Orthopaedic Rehabilitation and Sport Injuries. She is also an International qualified Pilates instructor, accredited by Renee Watson Pilates Studio in Cape Town.

Lize Coetzee


Lize Coetzee is one of our qualified Biokineticists. She completed her pre-graduate Human Movement Science degree at the Stellenbosch University in 2017 and continued to do her honors degree in BSC Biokinetics in 2018. She underwent practical training during her internship year at our practice in George in 2019. In 2020 she worked at a Biokineticist practice in Paarl where they specialized in running and golf. Her passion is orthopaedic rehabilitation as well as injury management, especially for runners. Her goal is to enable you to be as functional and independent as possible through using conditioning and rehabilitation.

Lana Lourens


After finishing my studies at the North West University in Potchefstroom (2014) I moved to George to complete my internship at the practice. The Garden Route has been my home ever since. I m married to an amazing horticulturist, and we live on a flower farm together with our three Bordercollies. I like to think we live a life of adventure and excitement and I believe being outdoors brings fulfillment on a whole other level. The scope of Biokinetics has taught me to love the heart behind the patient and I enjoy working with a variety of people on a daily basis.

Schalk Joubert

BA Sport Science degree
honours degree in BA Biokinetics

Schalk Joubert is our most recent appointed Biokineticist. He completed his BA Sport Science degree at the University of Stellenbosch in 2020. He continued his studies at thr University of the Western Cape and obtained his honours degree in BA Biokinetics in 2021. He strives to help patients becone the best version of themselves. He achieves this bigger goal by using exercise as methodology. Orthopaedic rehabilitation is his passion along with optimising runners’ performance. He is a seasoned runner himself as well as a qualified rugby referee. Recreational reading and playing piano is two of his favourite pastimes.

The goal of our Biokinetics practice is:

To offer thorough and current assessments and then rehabilitate appropriately and specifically. Rehabilitation is based on the Kinetic Control system that has been developed by physiotherapists and specialists in the sport field from UK, Australia and Nieu-Zeeland. With this system the Therapist determine the uncontrolled movement (give or restriction) and whether it is a high load or low load stabilization issue. According to the findings an Exercise Prescription (Rehabilitation Program)is given to the patient as a tool to control his/her own uncontrolled movement, which is progressed into functional daily activities or sport specific exercises.

Biokinetic Services

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