Body Composition

Fitness Evaluations

When applicable and discussed with the patient the application of EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) might / could be used as an aid in more effective strengthening and rehabilitation. Read under the service heading: Whole Body Electrical Muscle stimulation (EMS) to obtain more information

Body composition includes: Body Mass Index (BMI), Waist-hip-ratio, body fat percentage and muscle mass (kg). Given 6-8 weeks, following a program based on the needs of an individual, a second assessment will be done to monitor progress. Body composition can be done for any person or sports athlete.

A stationary bike fitness assessment will be done before any person can start with a fitness or weight loss program. A second assessment will be done in 6-8 weeks. The level of the fitness test will be based on the individual’s specific needs and reason for starting a program. Blood pressure and heart rate are taken during this consultation. A full report will be given to the individual on all of these components mentioned.

A once-off assessment can also be done, but to ensure a measure of progress and for motivational purposes, we do recommend a second assessment.