Sport Specific Strengthening

and Conditioning

When applicable and discussed with the patient the application of EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) might/ could be used as an aid in more effective strengthening and rehabilitation. Read under the service heading: Whole Body Electrical Muscle stimulation (EMS) to obtain more information

Our main goal is to act Proactive and thus to stop sport injuries before they occur, especially chronic and over- use injuries. The more conditioned the athlete is for his specific sport the less likely he will be subject to an injury during his season.

In order to identify weaknesses that might possibly lead to an injury we perform High Load Performance Kinetic Control Tests on the athlete; a protocol designed by a group of specialists in movement and sport from Australia, Nieu- Zeeland and England.

The results of the test shows the Biokineticist exactly which area of the body is displaying an uncontrolled movement (a “give” or weaker muscular strength area) and which area is restricted (stiff joint or muscle) and should be getting immediate attention. This results into a specific designed strengthening programme for the athlete`s specific movement patterns needed in his sport, addressing the problem areas and enhancing the strong areas.

Unfortunately in some cases an acute injury is inevitable and then our main focus would be to retrain and rehabilitate the injured player or athlete back on the field in a stronger and faster condition than ever!

Our variety of specialized techniques entail:


  • Muscle Activation techniques (Douglas Heel)

  • Kinesio taping

  • McConnel taping

  • EMS equipment to enhance activation of specific muscles eg VMO in knee

  • Use of a Biofeedback stabilizer to provide feedback relating to activation of core muscles in lower back and neck

  • Muscle Testing and Biomechanical evaluations

  • Physical therapy exercises according to Kinetic Control Principles (determining and addressing uncontrolled movement and restricted areas)

  • Stretching – PNF , dynamic, static and neural

  • Application of Anatomy Trains Fascia Principles (Tom Meyers)

  • High Load and Low load High Performance stability testing protocols

Dynanometer tests:

With this device we can test muscle strength to determine ideal ratios and also asymmetries of muscle groups. A muscle specific training programme is then provided according to your results in order to achieve improved balance in your body for your sport or activities. Hereby your chance of injuries can be reduced.