Running and Cycling


Running screening tests:

During a running analysis a comprehensive biomechanical and kinetic control evaluation are done. Inclusive are power and strength tests conducted with a dynanometer with re-measurable readings to be able to keep track of your improvements and progressions. With this device we can test muscle strength to determine ideal ratios and also asymmetries of muscle groups.

A Running Analysis at our practice entails the following Scientific Tests:

Biomechanical Running specific tests
Running Style Video Analysis
Muscle Strength Tests.

With all this info we:

Work out a Strength Training Programme
Rehabilitate if you have an injury
Cueing to improve and establish an economic running style

Cycling screening test:

Biomechanical screening tests are done for injury reduction and prevention Power/ Force testing are conducted for effective programme prescription. Muscle dynanometer testing are then done to rule out strength discrepancies, hereby reducing chance of injuries. You are provided with a cycling specific strengthening programme according to the findings

Bike specific Biomechanical tests are done for injury prevention and rehabilitation purposes.
Video Analysis on your own Bike on a Wahoo Trainer and activation of correct muscle groups on your own bike.
Muscle Strength Testing with Dynanometer to determine muscle imbalances.
You are provided with a bike specific strengthening programme according to the findings.