Whole body EMS


As Biokineticists we use the EMS system to aid in effective strengthening and rehabilitation as well as enhance neuromuscular pathways in order to increase a patient`s ability to activate and connect with muscles that has not been functioning effectively following an injury.

It is also an ideal tool for sport specific strengthening as we can potentially reach a patient`s goals faster.

We have found from clinical experience in the practice that the EMS is a great help with our Parkinson`s patients as we do specific movement patterns with these patients. With the help of the EMS that activates the involuntary contractions as well the device helps the patient to send neuromuscular messages through to the muscles that the brain struggles to voluntary contract.

Own body weight exercises with no heavy equipment allows your body to strengthen with lower risk of injuries.

Currently the most significant results in our practice are with patients with upper and lower back pain as the EMS stimulates, activates and strengthens core muscles

EMS and your metabolism:

EMS drastically reduces the amount of time you need to reap the benefits of exercise. One still needs to work hard during the training session, though. The reason why EMS is so effective is the ability to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions.

An EMS machine has the ability to fire all the motor neurons in a targeted muscle simultaneously to create an intense contraction.

Voluntary contractions are controlled by the brain to generate a coordinated force. The brain does not allow the body to work at its maximum capacity and seldom activates our full physiological potential during these types of contractions.

Maximal EMS induced involuntary contractions can be up to 30% higher than a maximal voluntary contraction from conventional training, according to various studies

By recruiting and activating more muscle fibres and building and toning more muscle over time, a person`s resting and active metabolic rate increases which means you burn more calories during the day.